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Let’s Get Ratty

or the story of my summer internship so far. So this summer I have this super-awesome internship in the neuroscience lab at Gettysburg College. The prof I’m working with is the very talented Professor Stephen M. Siviy, PhD, master of the rat kingdom. Only I call him that. In my head. That’s not even true, […]

Would you like to frolic with the hipster fairies? Do you want to tell the government that you approve of sex? Do you like to listen to people singing catchy songs about censorship? Or songs in which they question gender roles, name-drop Aristophanes and Homer, and rock out at the same time? Maybe you prefer […]

Hello, outside world!  I am writing to you from inside my friend Emily’s panic-room-turned-secret-hideout in her house in Houston.   It’s kind of muggy, and I have been warned against the mosquitoes, but other than that, Houston is gorgeous and wonderful.  Think less cactus and sand, more city peppered with tropical foliage and swamps and stuff.  […]

Double Digits

Well, this past Friday marked 99 days til graduation.  Four years has come down to the double digits, and it doesn’t even seem possible.  Every moment of the last four years has been memorable, but now that our time here is coming to an end, we are clinging to every last opportunity to make a […]

Two Days in NYC

First, I made you guys a PLAYLIST for you to listen to while you’re reading this. Whoa. Now that’s the full blog experience. The cool thing about this playlist is that if my friends heard it, they’d say (sarcastically) “Wow! These songs? Cade put these songs on a playlist? Surprising!” But, since you guys don’t […]

Dear My Child(ren) of the 2030s: I know that it’s the future and you have all your favorite music that you listen to on a regular basis and I’m sure at least 30% of it is truly, truly wonderful, but here’s the deal: the biggest problem with you kids today is that y’all are too […]

Hey you.  Yes you.  Are you an intern?  Do you want to make a good impression…but don’t know how?  Here’s what I’ve learned so far in my internship–it’s a lot less of actual agent-type skills (remember, I’m interning at a talent agency) and more of general how-to-get-along-at-an-office-type skills.  And I was just kidding; you have […]

*deep breath* So.  I’ve got a lot to catch you guys up on.  If I remember correctly, my last post was right before WesFest, and I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my transferfrosh, Sydney.  And it was raining. Well first of all, the rain stopped.  We had one day of blissful sunshine (Friday) most […]

The Quint

We all know that in college you can get assigned to a single or a double, and sometimes you can even get a triple.  But what you probably didn’t know is that a select few kids each year are assigned to the best kind of rooming situation in the history of dormitories: a quint. What […]

The Scorekeeper

What a WestCo Café poetry slam looks like. WestCo Café–home to concerts, plays, and dance parties–is one of several places on campus where graffiti–the cutting-edge, the profound, and even the grotesque–is practically dripping off the walls.  Being in the basement of West College (a residence hall on campus), such a colorful symphophany suits the Café […]