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My Last First

I’m not sure how I want to start this post out, seeing as it’s my last “first of the year” blog post. By last, I mean no more years. Senior means last. Senior means no more school. Well, obviously except for this year. I’ve been wracking my brain to find a way to cope with […]

Coming to a Close

3 weeks, 3 classes, and 1 ten page paper are all that stand between me and graduation right now.  Things are really starting to wind down, and as that happens, it becomes harder and harder to focus on work.  On one hand, we are clinging to every last moment we have to spend with our […]

Growing Up

Unfortunately, I don’t have much exciting news to tell you about my week this time.  I spent the majority of this week doing what I am going to call “growing up.”  I’ve just been feeling really old lately, and I think a lot of my fellow seniors feel the same.  For example, on Friday night, […]

The Beginning of the End

Well, here we are.  It is the beginning of my last semester at Wes.  I know last semester I always seemed really mentally overwhelmed or physically unwell in all of my posts, but this semester will be different.  I am back and ready for action.  I am healthy, and happy, and I love my life. […]

One Last Time Around

Well, I’ve moved in to Wesleyan for the last time.  It is my senior year, and an entire week has already flown by.  Words can’t possibly express how great it feels to be back.  I had a really rough summer taking care of my grandparents (both cancer patients) at home in Upstate NY.  My life […]